Sunday, 28 August 2011

Bye bye Summer, hello hard work

Come September I will be in the final year of my degree...time to panic. I have spent this Summer researching for my dissertation which is on the topic of machine made art vs. hand made art. I have been reading a lot about William Morris, his work ethic and his Socialist beliefs. I am currently midway through Fiona MacCarthy's 'William Morris, A Life for our Time', a fairly hefty 700 page book on Morris. The length was off putting at first but it is an incredibly interesting book and there was far more to Morris than I originally knew. I have also looked through many books on hand made/crafted art and design and also have Marx's 'Capital' and Walter Benjamin's 'Illuminations' in my reading pile.

As well as my research I have been thinking about my new project which I am calling 'Into the Wilderness'. Its another wallpaper project, but this time the wallpaper will be suitable for both children and adults. It will focus on animals (as usual) in motif designs with intricate florally backgrounds.

Here are a few of the drawings I have done so far....

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